Pet-ocratic Oath


I will give my furry family member my whole heart. I will cuddle, pet and beam love at them every day, and many times a day.
Despite silly baby-talk annoying other humans, if it causes tails to wag, or purrs to occur, I will engage in as much as we can both stand.

Safety & Freedom

I will provide a safe environment. Warm when it’s cold outside, cool when it’s hot.
I will keep my dog leashed when we walk outside, so he/she can’t harm anyone and stays safe from other people, animals and vehicles.
I will not tie up or constrain pets, unless it is required for their safety (and legal).
I will shore up my backyard, so my dog stays safe in his designated, dog-friendly area.
All my pets will have engraved tags with my current contact information, as well as RFID chips.
My cats will wear break-away collars, tested for their particular weight.
I will keep myself educated regarding what foods, medicines, vitamins, chemicals are dangerous to my pets and be diligent in ensuring such things are inaccessible.


I will provide pet food suggested by my vet, not the garbage sold at dollar stores. I understand that this will elongate their life, and reduce waste. Quality nutrition only seems more expensive when compared by the pound to pet “junk food”, but in reality, they eat less, poop less, and get less diseases, reducing vet bills. In the long run, it’s close to break even or less expensive.
Despite vaccine controversies in humans, I will vaccinate my pets and keep them up to date.
I will know my pet’s condition and habits enough to notice a change in behavior, weight, eating, drinking, potty, etc.
My Veterinary clinic’s phone number is in my phone, and on the fridge. I also have emergency window stickers.

Hygiene & Beauty

I will keep the poop zone clean. A clean yard for my dog, and a clean litter box for my cat, and clean cages or aquariums for others.
Pets with teeth will get dental checkups every 2 years, and cleanings as needed so they have strong, healthy hearts.
Dogs come with tails, cats come with claws. This is what nature intended and I have no right to change that.
Grooming long furred animals can keep them cool, and avoid issues with poop dangles, so I will keep them groomed.


Even though I love my pet as much as any human family member, I will remember that they are not human, and allow them to have their true animal behaviors.
While I enjoy closing the bathroom door to catch up on social media on my cell phone, my cat prefers to have an eye on anyone approaching. I will therefore not hide, tuck or put a cover on her litter box. Further, while I enjoy the toilet for my business, cats prefer sand (or close). So I will not “toilet” train my cat, nor force her to go in chunky pellets or silica gel, both of which are stressful or even dangerous.  Lastly, pets communicate if they like or dislike costumes, so I will not traumatize my cat for entertainment’s sake, no matter how cute they might look as Yoda.

Fun & Exercise

I will play with my pet daily to stimulate their senses, bond with them, and keep them fit.

End of Life

When it is finally time to pass on, I will ensure a peaceful sleep. I will not allow my pet to linger and suffer because I cannot bear to part with them.
Their quality of life comes before my need to have them around. I will hold them and love them until their last breath.
If it doesn’t rip my heart out to lose them, then I never had a heart to begin with.
It was my honor and pleasure to give them the best, most loving home possible during their time on earth, and the end is no exception.

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