Mantra – Strength & Competence

This particular mantra specifically fits a managerial type, business owner or anyone in charge of anything, dealing with difficulties. Adjust words and ideas to suit your situation.

  • I am a strong capable person.
  • I am a self-empowered woman. I am smart and resourceful.
  • I am competent and confident. I handle problems with ease.
  • I need not worry about what might happen, because I am confident in my ability to handle things as they come.
  • I am resourceful and thoughtful. I am insightful, and practical.
  • I am rational, logical, and base my decisions on sound reasoning.
  • I can visualize many paths with many outcomes.
  • I am confident, and decisive. My decisions are sound and well reasoned.
  • Nothing rattles me.
  • I am confident. I am a confident and calm person.
  • I am relaxed and at peace while handling problems.
  • Problems are an amusing and intriguing puzzle to solve.
  • All problems have a solution. I am good at solving problems and setting things right.
  • I am calm during a crisis. I am calm and clear headed even when challenged with the unknown.
  • I am unruffled by difficulty. I handle all obstacles with ease and foresight.
  • I am capable of streamlining projects.
  • I am able to multi-task and juggle while remaining in control and at peace.
  • I have energy and endurance.
  • I am in charge of my emotions and reactions, no one else controls them.
  • I am resourceful. I am innovative. I am forward thinking.
  • I am a puzzle solver. I am a strong, competent leader.
  • I have a plan for my time, and focus on the task at hand.
  • I am ok not knowing the future. I’ll make the best of whatever comes.
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