Mantra – Healthy Eating

  • I enjoy healthy foods.
  • I enjoy raw foods from the earth.
  • I love the taste of taste. Herbs and spices are delicious.
  • I am informed about nutrition, and enjoy the benefits of it.
  • I eat healthy delicious food that makes my body feel great.
  • I choose low calorie, high nutrition foods.
  • I crave whole foods. I crave green leafy veggies.
  • I desire to nourish my body effectively.
  • I want food that activates my cellular health.
  • Vegetables are delicious.
  • Mindless snacking is boring.
  • I enjoy smelling my prepared nutritious food, and then eating it conscientiously and enjoying every bite.
  • At the grocery store, I fill my basket with delicious fruit and nutritious veggies.
  • I look forward to eating them.
  • I love fruit as a snack.
  • Veggie smoothies are delicious and filling.
  • I use herbs to season my healthy meals full of veggies and it’s mouth watering.
  • Veggies are delicious and tasty. Mmmmm.
  • Packaged, high-fat or sugary foods turn me off.
  • I love green foods, like salad.
  • I enjoy trying new recipes with fresh foods.
  • My body appreciates the nutrition I give it.
  • I love healthy food.
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