Mantra – Energy & Stamina

  • I am healthy. I feel healthful, pain free and strong.
  • I have energy. I feel energized.
  • When I want something done, I have the energy to do it.
  • I will sleep soundly tonight because I’m about to have an energetic day.
  • I feel good. I feel strong. I feel like doing stuff. I want to accomplish things.
  • I want to embrace my alive-ness and energy.
  • I am active and strong and I love it. I have stamina.
  • I enjoy physical work. I enjoy movement. I enjoy weight lifting. I enjoy sports.
  • I love to be active. I love to get things done.
  • Energy flows through me like electricity.
  • I love to improve myself and my surroundings.
  • I am proud of myself. Nothing holds me back.
  • If I have a notion to do something, I get up and do it.
  • I’m energetic. I’m electric.
  • I am strong and solid.
  • I am healthy and vibrant.
  • I have stamina to do whatever I want to do.
  • I feel good. I feel awake and alive.
  • I’m on it. I’m about it. I’m ready.
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