Mantra – Boundaries

Any time someone encroaches or obliterates our boundaries, it wounds us. It can leave us feeling threatened, trampled, violated, vulnerable, and sometimes even a little stupid.  This is not your fault. You are, at heart, a kind and generous person, and there are those out there, who take that for granted and use up every last drop of generosity you’ve got to give, and then push for a bit more.  These people are trespassers.  Hopefully, you can cut them right out of your life, because you deserve to be surrounded with positive people who appreciate you.  If not, you MUST repeat these boundary mantras at least three times a week.  Please say these mantras aloud for a least 10 straight minutes. Allow yourself to repeat the ones that resonate with you. Each time you repeat them, especially the ones WANT to believe about yourself, but don’t quite, let the doubt fall away with repetition.  We teach people how to treat us, so the first order of business is to decide we are worthy of good treatment.

  • I, (your name), am a worthy person.
  • I am worthy of good things. I deserve a peaceful life.
  • I am a person worthy of joy and happiness.
  • I honor myself. I love myself. I take good care of myself, mentally and physically.
  • I respect myself, because I know who I am. I know I’m worthy of respect.
  • I will allow others to speak to me only with respect.
  • I control my reactions, not others.
  • Disrespectful people will not provoke me, they will be cut off from my life.
  • I am a worthy human. Worthy of respect, polite speech and kindness.
  • I respect myself.  My true friends respect me, and themselves also.
  • I deserve to determine my own boundaries, and express them to others.
  • I reasonably expect others to respect my personal boundaries, both physical and emotional.
  • My boundaries are such as I wish, and I need not explain why to anyone.
  • If others stay within my set boundaries, they can remain in my life.
  • I am entitled to have, express and defend my boundaries.
  • I deserve to be in the company of those who respect my boundaries, and me.
  • I am worthy of respect, and I deserve respectful friends, family and co-workers.
  • I am unrattled by boundary breakers, aka “trespassers”. They will simply not have the pleasure of my company in the future. I am calm, they are gone.
  • I respect myself, and am proud of the boundaries I have set and keep.
  • The lines I draw will be honored by those who wish to stay in my life.
  • It is reasonable to assert my boundaries without fear or criticism.
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One Response to Mantra – Boundaries

  1. Laura Ryan says:

    i have read the above points. I believe them,but do i think i can make them believeable for me? not sure. i always feel that when anyone is kind to me, i feel they arent being truthful, how could anyone like me? i am not crazy about myself.
    the lines i draw arent consistant. i fear no matter how i deal with people, it comes back to hurt me.
    i will read these points again,hopeing i can believe a few.

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