General Affirmations – Speak outloud, slowly and clearly. Add your name in each.

I (name), am a good person.
I am a positive, capable person.
I am a person who can handle any situation, and overcome obstacles.
I know what I’m doing.

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One Response to Affirmations

  1. dy corbett says:

    I say 5 positive affirmations daily, when it becomes difficult to find 5 positive thoughts, dig deep, you’ll be surprised. this is when it’s needed the most.
    I try to think of 5 different positive things in or about my life, this will make you discover all you are blessed with,even this key board..

    I I like the above affirmation . I am a good person. great place to start.
    this activity will be fun, have friends and family get on this band wagon of happiness.

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