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A note from the Author:  I’m not a doctor, counselor, nor do I carry any kind of degree in psychology. I’m just a regular person who struggles with anxiety and fear. A person that gives a great deal of thought how to calm the anxiety, abate the fear and be in control of my thoughts. I can not diagnose you, or fix you. Some articles I write here are to be taken with a grain of salt, and some are very serious. The content here is all intended to be helpful, entertaining, and used with common sense. I cannot be held liable if you take action or inaction that results in self harm or harm to others after reading this blog.

If you have thoughts of suicide, please call 911.

I’ve been in and out of counseling for many years. I’ve read many books, like “The Worry Cure” and workbooks in stress management, anxiety disorders and more. While I employ many techniques I’ve learned, I still struggle with thoughts of fear, panic and worry.

My goal with this blog is to help people who feel the way I do, by first learning that they are not alone with these intrusive, irrational thoughts and feelings. We are not crazy, nor can we just “snap out of it” as my ex-idiot husband said to me repeatedly. It’s a disorder, akin to an addiction, that we have to fight and work to control almost all the time.

I’m hopeful that my insights and articles will help those who read them.

If you have something to share or would like to be a contributing author on this site, please contact me at info@firstdontpanic.com

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